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Where Spider Thrives
With over 40 years of service to critical industries, including the world’s leading Aerospace customers, we are the go-to company for partners who count on Spider Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) to meet complex engineering specs.
Spider deploys state of the art inspection equipment and skilled, experienced inspectors to achieve the exacting requirements of aerospace and medical parts and machinery. Spider boasts a wide assortment of inspection gages and measurement tools coupled with a team of highly experienced and trained staff. With a culture built around quality first, Spider can assure the highest degree of precision for manufactured parts.
Spider is known as the company that does the things that are hard to do. Our solutions are all-inclusive, while our expertise enables us to deliver the highest degree of efficiencies. Controlling the full process, from start to finish, to limit any risk to customers.
As a “Forward Solving” company, we continually invest in core design competencies and Intelligent Manufacturing technologies. This gives Spider the edge and a greater capacity to adapt to even the most nuanced product requirements.
With every new project, Spider Company accepts the challenge of making even the smallest detail flawless. And reintroduces the concept of perfection to American manufacturing.
History of Spider
In 1978 Spider entered the aerospace market by providing small component deburring to an initial aircraft company client. In 1984, as Spider core services continued to expand and new ones were added, a move to a larger 8000 sq. ft facility was required to accommodate growth. During the 1980’s Spider’s business more than tripled and in 1994 the company moved again, this time into a 24,000 sq. ft. facility.
In 1998 ISO-9001 registration and AS-9100 compliance were achieved. Today, Spider’s headquarters are located in a 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Rockford, Illinois where Spider services a multitude of industries including aerospace, agriculture, construction, hydraulics, gas & turbine, medical and safety.
Spider Company’s dedication to quality and service make it one of the premier leaders in the Midwest, creating dynamic new customer relationships that continue to fuel growth and expansion.
"I trust Spider with critical components because if we have issues, lives are on the line. There are no parking lots in the sky where you can pull over and check things out."
"ECD is flexible, so the same tools can be used on multiple jobs. The pieces must be perfect and ECD delivers perfect. It tackles hard parts with ease and makes us more competitive as American manufacturers. "
"When you increase the IQ of your line, you enhance your performance…Spider Company is the ultimate performance enhancer."