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SPIDER ECD Repeatable
Performance Technology

The precise delivery of an electricity-enabled deburring charge at any depth, consistently across every application – this is the absolute difference of the Spider ECD. It is likened to a precision surgical tool for the most complex parts, including critical fuel delivery systems. ECD guarantees perfect quality at a fraction of the cost. Consistent, repeatable quality, no visible secondary burrs, and safe to use.

A low voltage process comparable to reverse electroplating used to remove plating as well as base material. Easily controllable, even when “radiusing” corner edges.

Spider ECD reaches deep, narrow paths, and deep intersecting cross holes, the hardest to reach features in complicated machine components.

What once took hours, now takes minutes. The Spider ECD replaces tedious manual labor and reduces operational cycle time. By reducing man-hours companies can perfect work in a streamlined, cost-efficient manner.

The electrolytic process makes non-contact deburring possible. Unlike mechanical and thermal deburring, ECD leaves no secondary burrs and does not affect the stability of the material as excessive heat or friction is not applied to the part.

Whether a part is the first off the line or the 10,000th, Spider ECD deburring technologies ensure the final product is flawless.

ECD minimizes injuries from manual deburring and does so at a fraction of the labor cost.

Spider ECD, solving the impossible

The consistent thing we hear from our customers is how ECD delivers “perfection consistently.” You actually get a microscopic level of deburring quality, consistently, and in a short amount of time and a fraction of the cost.

Quick set-ups and change over
Simple and inexpensive tooling
Portable bench-top design
Single or multipart deburring
Effective on hard or soft metals

Cost Effective
High potential for reduced cycle time
Tooling designed for consistent results
Low tooling costs

Arc protection circuitry
Environmentally friendly
Non-toxic non-acidic electrolyte
Complete self-contained system

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