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1 in 5 Make the Cut

Over the last 40 years Spider has mastered the craft of machine parts deburring like no other company in the world. We employ over 80 skilled technicians and only a fraction of those who apply qualify for our immersive multi-year training program. Our finishing standards and degree of product inspection are second to none, which only goes to elevate the pride of craftsmanship for the 1 out of 5 who make the cut.

Microscopic Deburring

Those burrs that cannot be detected without a microscope are removed with meticulous precision. The degree of perfection achieved is unprecedented in the industry, as Spider combines the tradecraft skill sets with the microscopic inspection protocols.

Hand Deburring

Teams of experienced, expert technicians are trained in the art of removing minuscule burrs by hand using Spider precision tools. It is labor intensive, but still one of the most effective means of removing burrs from standard machine tooled products.

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